Find Your Candidate with Tinder-like Finder

An alternative election machine that is mobile-first and Tinder-like


A lightweight tool to find parliament election candidate. The application uses similar logic as Tinder to find suitable candidate for user who answers five background questions. The application searches suitable candidates for the user. User can explore the candidate more closer in candidate gallery. The application is designed especially to younger people and for fast mobile use.


The application was made for those who otherwise would not have been interested in the traditional election machine or news or did not have time for those. The application was made so that it could be used in a rush-hour bus.

The basis was to make something special for Finnish parliament election, like combination of Tinder and traditional election machine as the latter one has lived its time.


The data was gathered from Finnish Broadcast Company’s election machine and election gallery. The five background questions came from election machine and the pictures from election gallery.


The team consisted two coders, one graphic artist, and one producer.

The application was made in 2-3 months at first along with other works and intensively for a last two weeks.


The application was used relatively much. User amount was smaller than with traditional election machine, but those who found and used application, used it actively.


The application was the Yle News Data and Online Feature Team first mobile app made to use with browser. All the content had to fit on screen. The concept, and what information would be added, had to be thought as the application could not use exactly same logic as its model e.g. Tinder, as the context was different.

The application was made across the team boundaries, so the co-action had to be planned.

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