Hoitotutka (The Care Map)


The story told where the different social and health places are, and what regional leaders said about the future of these places. In addition the reader could see the situation on the regional level. As the data was not complete, readers could also leave complementary information about their area’s situation.


The story is the first time that this data has been made available. Although the data was not complete, opening and visualizing this data for the first time to a big audience is good public service.


The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra and the University of Oulu.


One coder/datajournalist, one reporter, one graphic artist.


This story contains a lot of information about health care and its problems. The authorities don’t have a proper register about social and healthcare offices, which specifically would serve the people. After publication, the authors of the story handed the methods, the data, and conclusions to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. This project also underlined that Finnish healthcare is changing fast.


The data was not complete and it had to be cleaned. The data also required geocoding. The data was also opened and corrections send by the readers had to be updated to the original data.

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