The terror attacks in Paris


On Friday November 13th 2015 Paris is shocked by yet another terror attack. The terrorists strike at several targets within the same time frame – leading to an extremely complex situation to cover for a newsroom.
During and after the attack our reporters did an excellent job in covering the news as they emerged. But the events were chaotic, and we saw the need for new visual and explaining elements in order to give the readers the full overview.


The news were covered minute by minute, with new articles about the hunt, victims, rumors and reactions. This made it even more important to give our readers a summary of the actual event: What, Where, When and How did the attack happen?
On Saturday we gathered all our information in a summary page:
We gathered the following elements:
– Number of dead and wounded etc.
– Map of the attacks
– Detailed overview of the different attacks
– Timeline
– Summary of other terror attacks in Europe
Almost all of the elements were updated with Google Docs – which makes easier for the journalists in VG to update the page.
The page was updated throughout the weekend and the following days with more details and new elements.
In the following days we were one of the first to make an overview of the victims. Leading to lots of international traffic from Twitter and Reddit. We also made a matrix of the terrorists, a detailed graphic of the Bataclan attack.


Our coverage was based on both traditional news agencies as well as from Social Media.


In VG it is a strong tradition to let everything else go and work on the biggest events.
Our designers and developers Sondre Nilsen, Tom Byermoen, Dan Kåre Engebretsen and Jari Bakken were working throughout the weekend and some time in the following week.
Text and research: VG newsroom


A lot of traffic to our summary page. With chaotic events like this it was easy to see that our readers wanted an article that summarizes the information.


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